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Sixteen-year-old Chloe has just one job to do …

She must escape from her unhinged captor. 

She is certain of two things. The first is that she has reached her use-by-date. His ‘virgin’ has become a liability. The Monster will make good his threat. He will kill her. Soon. And secondly, her plan is exceedingly dangerous.

Can Chloe find courage enough to tame the unspeakable terror in which she is drowning, in order to flee The Monster and his brutality? 

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About Susan

I have a strong interest in psychology and human behaviour, and I am now planning the sequel to this first novel. My psychological thriller I Am the Sand came about unplanned, growing from the seed of my long-held and deeply seated anxiety about my own very young children being abducted.

At the time, I was teaching male adolescent offenders in a juvenile detention centre. A very disturbed inmate regularly threatened my family. In 1992, over 5,000 children a year were reported missing in Australia. I read that it was a useful measure to write a phone number on the inside of your child’s shoe so that if found, a parent could be notified. I found this a macabre and chilling thought, and it made a firm impression on me.

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Working at that centre changed me. I couldn’t reconcile the thin, sad, and turbulent young lives the boys had led, with that of my own fortunate, secure childhood, that I often took for granted. Hope that they might ever break out of their unsafe social milieu seemed elusive, despite the very best efforts of the dedicated practitioners who helped them while in detention. In a way, writing the book of fiction has been a cathartic exercise...

Now, in 2020, one in six women and one in nine men in our country have been physically and/or sexually assaulted before the age of fifteen. And over thirty-eight per cent of deaths among our fifteen to twenty-four-year-olds is to suicide. Can it be that unresolved PTSD and trauma is heavily implicated?

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